You Didn’t Care

You had another girl while with me

I stayed

You left me hanging for your family

I waited

You hurt me, not just emotionally but physically

I understood

You’re not sorry

I forgave you

I stayed even if it’s painful

You didn’t appreciate that

I waited for you

You didn’t care

I understood every little or big mistake you do

Still, you didn’t care

I forgave you even if you don’t deserve to be forgiven

You didn’t notice that

Still, I ‘m with you

But there was a day that I just feel so tired of everything.

Dad met an accident, Mom’s depressed, and you— you. 

I don’t know if You still love me.

I confronted you. For the first time, I told you everything you did that hurt me and everything you didn’t that made me feel so bad but…

Still, you didn’t care.

Every person has it’s own limits and I already reached mine. I’m sorry for not being enough but that’s all that I’ve got— loving, caring, and understanding you. 


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