Factors of a Good Relationship

Relationship is a bond that connects two or more people to each other. That’s what a relationship is for me and because we’re now talking about relationship, it’s not just about those romantic relationship that almost everyone is talking about. This is also about your relationship with your friend and family. So, you might wanna know these factors that are from my own knowledge and experience. 

  1. Trust—We say that trust is the basic foundation of a relationship and it’s true. Without trust, how can you be sure that you can rely on each other?
  2. Love—Well, of course love is a must. If you don’t love, why would you care?
  3. Communication—Let’s face it. In a relationship, we get distant to each other as our communication get lost. So if I were you, I’ll keep a constant communication with the the people I love.
  4. Being understanding—Don’t let pride win against love. Understand your loved ones with the things they can’t do. Trust me, you’ll have less regrets by doing so. Keep your love, not your pride.
  5. Time—It’s the best gift for anyone. Having sometime with someone you love is greater that giving them a material. It will be more appreciated than those expensive, sassy things out there.

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