My choice, My mistake

I entered the field of writing without any worries. My family, friends, and boyfriend supported me all through out my journey as a writer but little did I know, their hearts were slowly drifting from our bonds. 

I didn’t have time to go out for bondings. I was so busy with writing novels, my books. I just realized that I didn’t have time for my family. They were attending reunions with our relatives without me even if I’m free to go with them. They won’t inform me about the gatherings. Maybe, they’re tired of being rejected all over again. 

My friends had new other friends. They befriended a different circle of people. They didn’t tell me. I just see their posts in the social media. There, I knew they don’t recognize me as their friend anymore.

And lastly, my boyfriend, I thought we are okay and good, that our relationship is growing stronger as we have different struggles in life but No. I just remembered that we didn’t yet go out for a date since I published my first book. I was so busy with writing, writing, and writing—didn’t notice that we haven’t spend time together for a while and he’s already busy dating some other woman. 

Now, I’m crying for the loss. Crying like I didn’t have the choice well in fact I had a lot. 

I should have took some time with my family. I should have joined them in their vacation trips. 

I should have at least exchanged messages constantly with my friends, said ‘hello’, ‘hi’ and ‘what’s up’.

I should have come up with date ideas with my boyfriend in the weekends or at least, spend my evenings with him just watching some movies

But I didn’t. 

I chose a tiring, time-consuming, privacy-invading life where I am famous instead of a simple but happy life with my family, friend, and boyfriend. 


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