His eyes were red.

A drug addict?

No. He cried the whole night, whining for his mother’s death.


She’s pregnant and a single mother to 3 other children.

A slut? A whore? The one who sleeps with any guy in town?

No. His husband left her and the children for his own pleasures. 


He has bruises all over his face and body.

Agitator? Militant?

No. He was a victim of those who you think he is. 


Drawing conclusions from the person’s looks is a fool’s way of judging others. 

Don’t judge before knowing what actually happened. Do it after you knew their reasons and stories. 

Respect. Every one of us needs that. 


It was still him. 

I love the way you smile at me. I love the way you look at me. I love the way you talk to me. I love the way you hold my hands and say you love me. I love the fact that you love me but

I don’t love you.

It was saturday morning and we we’re walking on the seaside. Our hands are intertwined. We’re laughing at each other’s jokes when I saw someone— someone I loved before.

He’s with a girl, his new girlfriend. She was his reason for breaking up with me. I suddenly felt hurt again, remembering that day. The day he broke my heart into pieces, my first heartbreak. 

I was completely shattered and it was you who saved me from that nightmare. You picked up the broken pieces of my heart and put it together. You loved me. You gave me everything that I needed in order to be happy. You gave me the happiness that eased the pain that He caused but that day when I saw Him for the first time since we broke up, I realized that it was still Him. 

It was still his presence that I’m craving for. It was still his comeback that I’m waiting for. It was still him that I love. 

I was just enjoying your company. You distracted me by showing me everything good, amazing, and joyful but you failed on capturing my heart. You know why?

—Because it was still him. 

No Hate, Spread Love

People seem to be hating everything about each other forgetting the fact that everyone has something to be hated for. 

We cannot avoid being hated by someone but we can at least try harder in understanding other people to lessen the hatred in the world.


Learn to forget your pride for sometime to keep a good bond. Learn to look at their good sides before hating them for their bad characteristics. 

Know their reasons before judging their decisions. 

Appreciate everything good despite having bad things to think about in life in order to live a happy life with your loved ones. 

Pag-ibig nga naman…

Kahit na minsa’y pakiramdam mong ika’y nag-iisang naghihintay,

Kahit na madalas mapaisip kung mahal ka nitong tunay,

Kahit na hindi sigurado kung hanggang kailan,

Mamahalin at iintindihin pa rin hanggang sa makakayanan.

Pag-ibig na ‘di alintana ang mga pagkukulang,

Pag-ibig na hahamakin ang lahat masunod ka lamang,

Pag-ibig na ‘di naghihintay nang anumang kapalit,

Maparamdam lamang ang pagpapahalaga kahit gaano pang kapait. 

‘Di maiiwasan na sa pag-ibig ay masaktan,

‘Di maiiwasan na sa pag-ibig ay mawalan,

at ang pag-ibig, maging sino ka man,

Ano mang iwas ay ‘di matatakasan.